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There’s been lots of conversations about anti-choice ads placed in Halifax’s Metro Transit buses and bus shelters.

The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre, in partnership with the Halifax Sexual Health Centre is offering an alternative to these messages, and helping to inform the community of the many pro-choice services available to them.

Even before the most recent ads, organizations that masquerade as health services have advertised on transit, seemingly hoping to target younger and more vulnerable women. These organizations are explicit about their intentions to dissuade people from having abortions on their websites but do not provide this information on their bus ads, nor do they properly disclaim their bias.

We won’t stand for unscientific claims and confusing messaging any longer. We think choices surrounding pregnancy can be difficult enough to navigate without hidden agendas.

It’s not okay to deliberately mislead and shame people.

South House Halifax and the Halifax Sexual Health Centre are proud to be two of several pro-choice organizations that provide resources, information and support 365 days a year, regardless of a person’s choice. To learn more about our organizations visit the pro-choice resource page on this website.


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