What does Pro-Choice mean?

What does it mean to be pro-choice?

Pro-choice organizations promote sexual and reproductive health within an environment that respects and supports individual choice. We believe that everyone has the right to complete, freely-accessible, non-judgmental information about sexual and reproductive health and we are non-judgmental when it comes to your personal sexual health practices. Whether you decide to have an abortion, to adoption or to parent, we’ll help you get the facts

What are reproductive rights?

Reproductive rights means much more than access to abortion, although that’s a very important part. It’s important to remember that reproductive rights are important for people of ALL genders.Having reproductive rights means that:

  • You have access to quality and non-judgemental resources that support your right to choose what happens to your body.
  • You have access to affordable and safe birth control.
  • You have access to clinical and social services that support your sexual and reproductive health (i.e. pap tests, pre-natal classes, parent support groups).
  • You are able to choose when and if to have a family, and the spacing between children.
  • You are able to live free of rape, assault and harassment and free of sexual coercion.
  • You are able to access health care professionals and services that understand your needs regardless of your gender or sexual orientation

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